Planning and Consulting

Reilly Security is a trusted source for planning and consulting solutions that bridge the gap between security and strategic/operational requirements.

Their highly trained and seasoned professionals employ analytical tools, methodologies and modeling processes to their strategies and governance.

Reilly Security delivers innovative planning and consulting solutions that reflect a client’s needs, respects their fiscal demands, builds resilience and adds value.


  • threat, risk, hazard and vulnerability assessments
  • asset identification, vulnerability, criticality
  • global threats, local risks and hazards
  • risk mitigation strategies and plans
  • risk level rankings
  • specialty applications (hospitality, towers, entertainment)


  • safety (including workplace safety)
  • security (including CPTED)
  • assets
  • gap analysis
  • loss prevention


  • site surveys
  • vulnerability surveys


  • design specifications
  • technical specifications
  • electronic & mechanical security systems
  • mechanical hardware
  • advanced security systems

Security Plans

  • develop and implement security plans (specializing in complex plans)
  • major, special event, crisis and strategic planning
  • specialty security plans (including workplace violence)
  • domestic & international terrorism
  • economic espionage


  • review/audit existing policies, procedures and code of conduct
  • develop/implement policies, procedures and code of conduct
  • develop custom governance applications
  • legislation (including C45 and Bill 168)

Emergency Management & Business Continuity

  • plan development (standards based)
  • implement incident command systems
  • command/emergency operations centre management
  • prevention/mitigation/preparedness/response/recovery planning
  • continuity planning
  • crisis management and response
  • plan evaluation, training and testing

Continuous Improvement

  • quality assurance reviews
  • compliance audits and reviews
  • employee integrity audits/testing
  • design and execution of exercises (including tabletop)
  • penetrations tests (including buildings, systems and network)
  • vulnerability tests (including buildings, systems and network)

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